Monday, 4 January 2016

Large Loratadine Exporter

Active Pharmaceutical Ingrediants - Overview

We are leader in manufacturing, and exporting impeccable quality of Loratadine. This drug is well compassed using high quality of chemical components and elements under the proper care of our well experienced pharmacists.

We always strive to meet the need of our client with my best output. Being a large loratadine exporter and a quality concerned organization, we have been able to manufacture, supply and export impeccable quality loratadine. Our drugs are thoroughly checked on various parameters to ensure purify loratadine has a molecular formula c22 H23 cln2 o and molar mass 382.88g/mol.

Loratadine and different pharmaceutical tablet and capsule formulations are also available in different drug delivery forms. As we are a large loratadine exporter, we have large volume manufacturing facilities for these products. We help different brands in procuring required documents, DMF files and registration documents etc.

We manufacturer on order basis we export loratadine to many countries of cliff rent continents. With more than decades of expenence, we are one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies. We believe that getting access to quality healthcare is a right of common people, not a privilege of few. So we strive to ensure the availability price across the globe.

We as being large loratadine exporter can manufacture our generic products and do useful packaging. The generic manufacturing is to build innovative pharmaceuticals product and careful packaging, quality and manufacturing drugs according to the customer’s specification.

We can customize our batch of generic medicine or an entire set of products as per the target countries health regulations and norms. We have well established manufacturing it’s in compliance with WHO/ GMP.
Loratadine tablets are manufacture in different dosage for like-
1.       Loratadine 1 mg/ ml in 30ml.
2.       Loratadine long

3.       Loratadine 5mg and many others.

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